A. Kramer Ltd. company is a leading company engaged in importing, manufacturing, marketing and installation of all glass products (float and curve glass), and is the importer and representative of high-quality fittings manufacturers worldwide. In addition, the company produces and markets Plexiglas, polycarbonate and plastic panes to order.  

The company was founded in 1952, and currently employs several dozen production workers and professional assembly teams. The company’s primary site is situated on 2500 square meter lot located in the Talpiot industrial area in Jerusalem. The company’s plant includes sophisticated computerized glass cutting and glass processing machines (CNC) of the highest quality available in the glass manufacturing market.

The company also operates an advanced department for artistic sand etching, employing professional designers, with advanced painting and etching equipment used to create unique designs and models. 


At our plant, we produce:

  •  Glass display windows and door (All glass)
  •  Luxurious glass shower stalls (frameless)
  •  Glass banisters
  •  Belgian crystal mirrors
  •  Glass partitions and facades 
  •  Glass back splash
  •  Glass furniture and shelves
  •  Artistic glass products
  •  Architectural projects
  •  Customized orders and more



Our company provides services to a wide range of customers, such as: contractors, architects, designers, institutional customers and private customers. Over its years of operation, the company has operated according to its core values: quality, professionalism and service, so that each and every job receives all the attention required to produce and deliver every order according to the highest and most stringent standards.

Due to our integrity, fairness, quality and professionalism, A. Kramer company has won a reputation for excellence in the glass industry. Among the company’s customers are government offices, the Israeli Knesset (parliament), hotels, museums, hi-tech companies, hospitals, sick funds and clinics, synagogues, Yeshivot, schools, universities, event halls, offices and private residences.

A. Kramer – Clear Quality